A Treatment Plan Designed For You.

In the past, treatment for opioid addiction has been difficult to access in rural communities.  It may involve traveling an hour or more to the nearest methadone clinic before waiting in line with everyone else for medication.   This is inconvenient to say the least, and the system makes it difficult to hold down a job and fulfill responsibilities to family.  Our aim is to leverage technology to provide access to medication and services for addiction treatment.  We provide access to the latest treatments including Suboxone.  All patients require an in-person evaluation including a history and brief physical exam.  For stable patients, follow-up visits can be accomplished by telemedicine where patients can receive care in the privacy of their own home.  Secure electronic messaging can also be used to address minor issues that do not require an entire visit.

Paying for Treatment

Our billing practices are simple and easy to understand.  We charge a flat rate of $250 for an initial visit and a monthly fee of $250 to continue with the program.  We do not accept health insurance, so patients are responsible for paying the cost of office visits out of pocket. However, most insurance plans will cover the cost of medication.